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Daracrete is a specialist Readymix Concrete supply business that is part of the Daracon Group. Daracrete was established to ensure supply of high quality, conforming concrete to Daracon Group Civil Projects. As the Daracrete business has grown it has established itself as a provider of high quality concrete for all customers, from the Mum's and Dad's right through to Tier 1 Constructors in both the Civil Infrastructure and Building disciplines.

Our business is built on delivering quality high strength concrete that meets or exceeds required strength and performance parameters every time. Our quality is not sacrificed by the desire to just meet required strength's we aim always to ensure strength and quality is achieved at all key milestones in the concrete lifecycle.

As part of the Daracon Group we fully understand the pressures of modern day construction and when we partner with you on your project we will deliver what you have requested, allowing you to focus on successful delivery of your project.

Our key personnel have worked throughout the industry and bring the experience, knowledge and know how of  major Concrete Suppliers to a locally based, family owned customer focused business ensuring your projects success is our key concern.

Our batch plant at Cameron Park was built to ensure it had the ability to provide concrete to the most stringent specifications and enables additional Cementitious products such as Flyash, GGBS to be added to your mix, whilst Video Cameras and automated batch records ensure that the quality of your mix can be traced from the raw ingredients to the barrel of the agitator. Our facility is also equipped with water chillers which help facilitate conformance with specifications during the warmer months.

We pride ourselves on our repeat business and quality of product and firmly believe once you work with us you won't want to change.

Management System Certification & Accreditation

DARACRETE's management systems are fully certified and compliant in the key areas of Safety, Quality and Environment. We continue to be focused on improving  business management systems to ensure we are ever-aligned to industry leading practice. We have maintained a core focus on creating efficient systems that support our strategy to provide and deliver quality products, projects and other services for our wide range of clientele. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide flexible services aimed at achieving enduring relationships with our clients. 

To effectively achieve this, DARACRETE has developed policies and an Integrated Management System (WHS, Environmental & Quality) that has been certified and accredited by third party agencies. 

We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction expectations, ensuring the health and safety of all interested parties. 

We consistently meet environmental management expectations through the provision of quality services and materials in a considerate, considered manner. We are strongly guided by the targets and objectives outlined in our policies, including the management system under which we operate.

DARACRETE are frequently audited and regularly monitored for performance and compliance by various agencies to relevant standards that may apply.

As a result, our organisation has been found in accordance with the requirements of the following standards as applicable:

Quality Management

See our Quality Management Policy

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems

  • NSW Government Quality Management Systems Guidelines for Construction.

Work Health & Safety

See our Work Health and Safety Policy

  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 – WHS Management Systems

  • ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

  • Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) 

    • Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme

  • NSW Government

    • Work Health and Safety management Systems and Auditing Guidelines

  • National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, Accredited Operator under Mass Management, Basic Fatigue Management and Maintenance Management

Environmental Management

See our Environmental Management Policy and Business Sustainability Policy

  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems

  • NSW Government Environmental Management System Guidelines.

Industry Accreditations / Licences

  • NSW Government Contractor Pre-Qualified and Best Practice Accredited.

  • Member of CCAA

  • Member of IQA

Our success today can be traced back to our Executive Director, David Mingay – a civil engineer by trade and passion with over 60 years’ experience. His philosophy of ‘Do what you said you would do’ has been the base of what our reputation is built on: trust and reliability.

This ethic is mirrored in every member of our team to ensure a consistent approach to all clients and projects.

We have a strong, documented history of high-level performance and delivery of quality concrete into infrastructure and building projects, all built on cultivating positive relationships with our clients to develop cost-effective strategies and optimised solutions.

Daracrete as part of the Daracon Group is committed to open and effective communication with local communities that represent the regions in which we operate. At Daracon, it’s our priority to utilise a range of methods to inform and involve these community groups effectively and equitably about our operations.

Our businesses carry out comprehensive planning for all of our operational sites and projects to preclude any foreseeable inconveniences to members of the community. Our management staff are supportive and responsive to community feedback whilst placing the utmost importance on community safety, well-being and the environment throughout all our activities.

Daracon Group continues to foster a strong sense of responsibility within our workforce which is extended in every aspect of community involvement.

Daracon’s commitment to sponsorship is an important part of our business and reflects our dedication to giving back to communities and people who support us.

We are a major sponsor of ‘Variety – the Children’s Charity’ for over two decades and are proud to have raised more than $1,500,000 for children in need.

The culmination of our local fundraising results in the week-long Variety Bash through country NSW, where we give proceeds of our fundraising to deserving schools and community groups. Our cars are specially themed to impress and excite children and adults alike. In addition to the Variety Bash, Daracon employees give generously through our Workplace Giving program.

Daracon regularly supports many events and organisations each year as part of our commitment to the communities in our local areas. Over the past year, we have contributed in excess of $45,000 to many local community teams and events.

Variety, the Children's Charity

We are a major sponsor and active participant for “Variety – the Children’s Charity” and, having been involved for close to two decades, have raised in excess of $1,500,000 for children in need.

The culmination of our local fundraising is the week long Variety Bash through country New South Wales where we give away the proceeds of our fund raising to deserving schools and community groups. Our cars are especially themed to impress and excite children and adults alike. In addition to the Variety Bash, Daracon employees give generously through our workplace giving program raising on average an additional $20,000 per year.

Soul Café

Soul Café was established in August 2003 to serve hot meals to the homeless and disadvantaged people of Newcastle, free-of-charge. Soul Café currently provides more that 700 free meals per week to our community, many of whom are homeless, have a mental illness, substance abuse issue of live in poverty.

The café employs two full-time chefs and provides a community support person who assists clients in areas such as accommodation, finding appropriate welfare support and legal representation and medical advice when required.

Daracon have been supporting Soul Cafe since 2010.

Daracrete as part of the Daracon Group is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner by managing its economic, social and environmental risks that are inherent within the industries in which we conduct business. Daracon maintains its sustainability by proactively managing outcomes across four key areas: 

• People;

 • Communities; 

• Environment and 

• Financial.

 Initiatives and Key Strategies for achieving business sustainability include: 

• Encouraging the development of a successful business culture to support operations focusing on safety awareness, managing environmental aspects, sustainability and other corporate social responsibilities; 

• Conducting our business activities in an ethical and transparent manner that supports the company interests; 

• Continual development of the strategic business plan that includes efficiency improvements and performance measuring tools to support a profitable and sustainable business in our market sectors; 

• Frequent assessment and consideration of the impact that our operations have on the environment, our people and the community so we can continue building these considerations into business planning and decision-making processes; 

• The ongoing application and development of our governance system that promotes organisational oversight and accountability; 

• Where practicable and appropriate, we commit to sourcing local products and services from providers where works are being completed; 

• Providing information and training to our workforce that encourages and promotes sustainable business principles and practices; 

• The continual identification and management of business risks affecting the interests of Daracon through the application of our risk management framework and

 • Liaising with governments, industry associations and other key stakeholders to maintain our currency with leading industry sustainability practices. 

It is our belief that Daracrete and the Daracon Group will maintain a sustainable business by continuing to achieve the strategic objectives of the business, whilst continuing to monitor our market sectors for further opportunities.