Mobile (Modular) Batch Plant

The Daracon Mobile (Modular) Concrete Batching Plant is a purpose built unit specifically for large projects requiring high quality concrete in tight time frames. The plant has been designed so that it can be re-located with relative ease – all footings for the silos and the loading bay are precast and relocatable and most electrical fittings are “plug & play” type so minimising hard-wiring required when relocating.

 The plant is fully computerised and operated by a Jonel Batching System which has full technical local back-up 24/7. The plant consists of 5-off, 25 tonne negative weigh bins with 2 x positive weigh powder weigh bins (cement and fly ash) – these powder weigh bins are currently fed via augers from 2 x on-ground silos. The whole plant can be delivered to site on 15-off semi-trailers, stood on a prepared site in 1 x day with approximately 2 to 3 days to fully commission (including calibration) and be ready to produce concrete. The plant can utilise fresh water or re-cycled water (preferred) and can change over on the fly by a click of a button. The plant can produce a maximum of 100m3 per hour – maximum daily output for this unit currently stands at 742m3.


The plant is a Forbes Engineering built unit (Australian) and has manufactured approximately 90,000m3 of high grade concrete for Runways and Highways.


Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of quantity makes mobilising an On-site batch Plant to site efficient and economical?

The trigger for an on-site batch plant is dependent on various factors including, existing supply options in the area, time frame specifications in regards batched to placed and volume. Generally mobilisation becomes economical for volumes over 10,000m3.

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