Normal Class - "N" Class Concrete

Our Normal 'N' class range of Concrete is suitable for everyday applications including House Slabs, Shed Slabs, Footpaths, Patios, Stormwater Pits and Culverts

Concrete Strength, Stone Size and Slump can be adjusted to suit your projects specifications and requirements the following is a list of our Standard N Class Range Mixes

  • Normal Concrete 15MPa 20/80
  • Normal Concrete 15MPa 10/80
  • Normal Concrete 20MPa 20/80
  • Normal Concrete 20MPa 10/80
  • Normal Concrete 25MPa 20/80
  • Normal Concrete 25MPa 10/80
  • Normal Concrete 32MPa 20/80
  • Normal Concrete 32MPa 10/80
  • Normal Concrete 40MPa 20/80
  • Normal Concrete 40MPa 10/80
  • Normal Concrete 50MPa 20/80
  • Normal Concrete 50MPa 10/80 

Polyfibres and Barchip can be added to your mix as required by your plans and drawings.

Special Class - "S" Class Concrete

Our Special Class Concrete Range includes the following mixes and have been developed with local authorities for special purpose and custom applications, we can work with you to develop your own custom mix for your project as required current S Class mixes include;

Our Special Class Concrete Range are suitable for use in more aggressive environments or when load requirements are higher.

  • Special 20MPa Hunter Water/PWD Mix 80 Slump
  • Special 25MPa Hunter Water/PWD Mix 80 Slump
  • Special 32MPa Hunter Water/PWD Mix 80 Slump
  • Special 40MPa Hunter Water/PWD Mix 80 Slump
  • Special 25/10 Pathway Mix at 110mm Slump 110
  • Special 25/10 Pathway Mix at 110mm Slump plus 1% 110 Slump
  • Special 25/10 Pathway Mix at 110mm Slump plus 2% 110 Slump
  • Special 25/10 Pathway Mix at 110mm Slump plus 3% 110 Slump
  • Special 32/10 High Slump Mix 100Slump

Kerb and Gutter

Our dry Kerb and Gutter Mixes are designed for use in Modern Extrusion Kerb and Gutter machines and are also great for handforming intricate pattern and shapes.

  • Kerb & Gutter 20MPa 10 Slump
  • Kerb & Gutter 25MPa 10 Slump
  • Kerb & Gutter 32MPa 10 Slump


Our blockfill mixes are designed to provide ease of construction whilst ensuring strength and durability of the finished product.

  • Blockfill 15MPa 10mm 180 Slump
  • Blockfill 20MPa 10mm 180 Slump
  • Blockfill 25MPa 10mm 180 Slump
  • Blockfill 32MPa 10mm 180 Slump


Our high quality topping mixes provide high strength and great workability to provide a dense, abrasion-resistant and level surface for interior floors or to resurface worn or damaged floors.

  • Topping 20MPa 80 Slump
  • Topping 25MPa 80 Slump
  • Topping 32MPa 80 Slump
  • Topping 40MPa 80 Slump

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between N Class and S Class Concrete

Typically Type S contains 2 parts portland cement, 1 part hydrated lime and 9 parts sand. Type N is described as a general purpose mortar mix and can be used in above grade, exterior and interior load-bearing installations. ... Type N is made of 1 part portland cement, 1 part lime and 6 parts sand

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