Flowable Fills

Daracrete has developed a range of Flowable fill (CLSM - Controlled Low Strength Material) mix designs to suit most applications where access or time constraints may prevent conventional backfilling to be undertaken. Our flowable fills are a low strength (typically 4MPA), self compacting material with a flowable consistency that can be utilised as an alternative to traditional backfill materials such as sand or gravel. It has also being used successfully for filling dis-used voids such as watermains or stormwater pipes instead of digging these items out of the ground (Subject to Regulatory Bodies Approval) saving considerable time and cost.


Daracrete have developed a range of High Strength, Low Shrinkage Cement Grouts that can be supplied in readymixed bulk loads removing the requirement to hand mix on-site. These grouts are useful for rock-anchor installs, void filling for culverts and other engineering applications.

Mine Subsidence and Underground Void Filling

Daracrete have developed a range of Bulk Filling grouts suitable for use in Mine Subsidence and Void Filling Works - these mixes have been developed in partnership with BFGDaracon.

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