Greenstar Concrete

Daracrete's Greenstar Concrete mixes meet the requirements of the GBCA Mat 4 Guidelines through the use of alternative Cementitious Products (GGBFS/Flyash), Manufactured Sands and Recycled Water. This material allows our customers to achieve a reduction in the carbon footprint of their project, whilst being assured the end product is just as durable and strong as regular concrete.

Benefits of GreenStar Concrete


Concrete is one of the world’s most versatile building materials however its production is very energy-intensive. The demand for more sustainable building materials has required us to investigate how we can implement a reduction of the carbon footprint of our concrete manufacture by utilising products in a more environmentally-friendly manner. These investigations and research has enabled us to create a products that are just as strong and durable as regular concrete but take far less energy to produce. At Daracrete we are committed to utilising products that decrease our impact whilst maintaining quality.

Placement and Quality Control 

  • Computerisation JONEL Batch allows flexibility and repeatability in all our mix designs 
  • Dedicated GGBFS and Flyash silos add the required 40% cement replacement accurately across all mixes.
  • All returned concrete is recovered at a recycling yard
  • Our closed water circuit allows the maximum quantity of waste water and stormwater to be available for reuse in concrete manufacture and washout.
  • Water reducers and super plasticisers automatically metered and dosed into to the load at time of batching .This additive management system minimises the requirement for  any addition of water on-site ensuring a high quality product.
  • Use of new generation viscosity modifiers ensure the most efficient use of manufactured sand and any recycled aggregates.

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