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Stabilised Sand provides an efficient cost effective solution for many engineering applications that require additional strength or to speed up your construction process. Our customers have used Pre-mixed Stabilised sand for pipe bedding and trench backfill in high traffic roadways where strict timeframes and quality requirements meant traditional backfill methods would not meet required timeframes. We have also undertaken bulk projects to create berms and barriers using on-site batching plants/pugmills for major projects in he Hunter Valley. Mixes can be made to suit your projects requirements.

  • Stabilised Sand 1:1 
  • Stabilised Sand 2:1
  • Stabilised Sand 3:1
  • Stabilised Sand 4:1
  • Stabilised Sand 5:1
  • Stabilised Sand 6:1
  • Stabilised Sand 8:1
  • Stabilised Sand 9:1
  • Stabilised Sand 10:1
  • Stabilised Sand 14:1
  • Stabilised Sand 20:1

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